Monday, October 24, 2016

Wk 3: EOC: Greatest Restaurant Experience.

Businesses want to be profitable and as a professional hospitality manager or owner, you will want to operate a profitable business. The vehicle businesses use to document and report their profits is called the income statement. (ch3, pg.63). My best experience with customer service in a restaurant, had to be when I was in my home town of Atlanta, Georgia. I was eating dinner with a lady friend of mine for her birthday at a restaurant called the sun dial. The restaurant revolves at a slow speed so that the city can be viewed in its entirety. I made reservations and when we arrived the valet was already waiting for me. I parked and we went to the receptionist desk. There I was called in so that my date and I could begin our evening.  We were served a meal that included soup, salad, appetizer, the main entrĂ©e and dessert. Also included was a bottle of wine and the staff waited on us hand and foot. They made our evening feel as if everything was all about us. The food was phenomenal and the service could not have been any better. I would definitely recommend The Sun Dial to anyone who is visiting the Atlanta area. I know from my own personal experience, this particular restaurants profit and loss is most likely more profit than loss. The way you treat your customers is everything from a consumer standpoint. Service with a smile is always important when dealing with hospitality. Treating the wrong customer bad can make or break a restaurant in certain instances. It affects every aspect greatly whether it be negative or positive. Profit and loss all depends on the customer service. Customer service ends and begins with good leadership. Poor leaders can destroy a reputation of a company in the blink of an eye.

Wk 2 EOC: Chapter 2 Question 4


Monday, October 3, 2016

Wk 1 EOC: My Voice

My name is Jathan T. Scotton and I am a Fashion and Retail Management professional. I’m a professional because of various qualities that I encompass. For instance, my attention to detail. When selling a particular garment. I always stay in the mind frame of how I would want to be treated as a customer or client. I inspect the garments as if I would be making the purchase. I feel for texture as well as fabric flow. I would also say I have somewhat of a business professional sense of style as well. I try to remain dressed as a gentleman. This includes clothing that fits, is in good condition, free from dirt or debris and no holes, burns, or burs. I have 10 years of management experience. I have managed millions of dollars’ worth of government assets without theft or major issues. Assets like helicopters, high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV), and mine resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAPS). I have also managed many military personnel is stateside and international scenarios. The largest amount of personnel I was ever responsible for was just under 1500 Marines and Sailors in a battalion size element. I pay attention to even the most minor details. I keep my appearance in good grooming standard. I can manage personnel at the unit level as well as battalion levels. Also I’m trustworthy in managing million dollar items. All these qualities and skills are what I believe makes me a fashion and retail management professional

EOC: Chapter 1, Question 3

Question: Laurie Tenk is a purchasing agent for a restaurant chain.  One of her suppliers has been late on deliveries the past two weeks.  She has discussed this with the salesperson, and he assures her that the problem will be solved.  In an effort to "make things right" the salesperson delivers two cases of hot dogs to her office for "sampling".  She plans to have a back yard barbecue this weekend for her neighbors. The free hot dogs would lower her cost of this event considerably.  The hospitality industry is one of the most honorable, exciting, and rewarding industries in the world. It will continue to offer its members solid employment opportunities and serve as the backbone of many local economies only if its current managers maintain the integrity of those who have gone before them. I do not think it is ethical for the purchasing agent to use company merchandise for her own use, even if they are not accounted for. If I was her I would throw a company function and allow all the employees to partake in the samples. This way I could ensure that the servers know how to suggest and or give incite to patrons frequenting the restaurant. I might even also propose setting up some kind of event for the customers to try samples. If she uses them for her own benefit it could result in major issues for her. She could be fired and various other consequences. In this case I believe her only saving grace would be to use it for the benefit of the company. Las but not least she could even ask a supervisor or someone with authority to give her the “go ahead” so that she could prevent herself from running the risk of permanently damaging her career due to dishonesty.